Digital Response for Digital Work; Introducing the DialogPlay chatbot that becomes your business agent

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DialogPlay is enterprise chatbot platform.
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How can a chatbot
from DialogPlay
drive your business?



Place your agent closer to user with DialogPlay

For Sales
Once installed on your page, the DialogPlay chatbot improves user experience by introducing, consulting, and supporting on product and service purchases.
For Helpdesk Support
Provide users quick, useful, and interactive response to questions using the DialogPlay chatbot.
For Overall Support
A DialogPlay chatbot keeps users' experience high throughout the purchase cycle with interactive response that resolves problems and provides critical information.


DialogPlay as a new user contact

Inquiry Scenario
Provide immediate response to any question with a DialogPlay chatbot. When an operator is needed, it connects users with an operator.
Reservation Scenario
Reduce waiting time as a DialogPlay chatbot interactively gathers and confirm details from customers for staff to quickly complete reservation and reception procedures.
Information DialogPlay Scenario
Because the DialogPlay chatbot can handle even ambiguous information requests, it can find and provide the desired information.




New experience with DialogPlay

Easy-to-use interactive UI
A single DialogPlay chatbot simultaneously serves multiple users and records dialog history for later analysis.
24 / 7 Response
No matter the time or the day of a query, DialogPlay chatbot is always ready to respond.
And more...
Linked to Slack, DialogPlay chatbot can hand over queries to an operator. And, new automatic dialogue scenarios are easy to create and maintain.

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Connect to various chat tools
Dynamic collaboration with many chat tools.
API Integration Scenario
Create scenarios for working with various systems.
Analysis Reports
Dialogue history, usage analysis, and user feedback
Creates FAQ Recommendations
Take service desk inquiry history and using AI suggests FAQ improvements.





Optimize Business Scenarios-Dialogues with DialogPlay

Scenario Dialogue
Following business scenarios, DialogPlay chatbot responds to user questions.

FAQ Dialogue
Frequently Asked Questions are answered by DialogPlay chatbot.

Query Response
After defining a task, DialogPlay can execute according to the various inputs from users, and then return the correct response.

Operator Dialogue
When a chatbot cannot answer a question, DialogPlay chatbot has an operator to answer.

Let's build your chatbot

  • FAQ dialogue [FAQs] Import Frequently Asked Questions from a CSV file into the chatbot.
  • Scenario dialogue [Scenarios] Automate your work by pre-defining business scenarios.
  • Query response dialogue [Query Response] Chatbot listens to users and responds with pre-determined answers.
  • Operator dialogue [Operator] Allow operators to chat directly with users to speak to a real person.
  • Providing chatbot [Providing] Provide user with chatbots created with DialogPlay




It's easy to create a chatbot

Just give your chatbot a name.
Solve business challenges with a pre-defined scenario for chatbot execution; and define the steps for linking to an external system.
Now, publish your chatbot as a Slack bot or a web-embedded chat.

Digital Response Integration

With DialogPlay, Digital Response is integrated into your enterprise system without coding.

A single chatbot can respond to all user queries simultaneously.
Integrated with FAQ recommendations, RPA, and APIs.

DialogPlay AI Assistant


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Initial fee 0 JPY
Monthly fee (except tax) 30 days free 0 JPY 50,000 JPY 80,000 JPY 150,000 JPY
Free Tier messages *1 1,000 Msgs 100 Msgs 10,000 Msgs 50,000 Msgs 100,000 Msgs
Pricing Tier after Free Tier *1 *2 *2 0.5 JPY per Msg 0.5 JPY per Msg 0.5 JPY per Msg
Creating chatbots
Creating scenarios
Creating FAQs
AI Assistant
(Integration with Azure OpenAI)
*3 *4 *3 *4 *4
Publishing applications
Publish for
  • Web
  • LINE
  • Slack
  • Azure Bot Service
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Google Hangouts Chat
  • Direct Line API *5
  • Web
  • Web
  • LINE
  • Slack
  • Web
  • LINE
  • Slack
  • Azure Bot Service
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Google Hangouts Chat
  • Direct Line API *5
  • Web
  • LINE
  • Slack
  • Azure Bot Service
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Google Hangouts Chat
  • Direct Line API *5
Importing scenario CSVs
Using chatbot templates
Hearing in dialogue
Chat simulation
Chat window themes
Integrations with APIs
Sending mails
Calling operators *6
Chatbot icons
Statistics Reports
Viewing Logs
Re-learn failed scenarios
Integration with Microsoft 365
Integration with Salesforce *5
Advanced scenario controls *7
Key type suggestion *8
IP restriction for admin
IP restriction for chatbot
Operation history for admin

User fees stated above are before sales tax.

*1 The number of messages sent to a single user request. Requests in the simulator are excluded from the count.

*2 If you exceed the number of free message allowed, additional messages will be blocked.

*3 Some functionalities will be limited.

*4 You will need either your customer-owned Azure OpenAI service or API key and other information from OpenAI.

*5 Services are provided in a beta state.

*6 The operator call function is limited to the Web, Microsoft Teams, LINE, LINE WORKS, and Slack.

*7 Variable manipulation, full-text search engine and controls by external system calls are included.

*8 Published chatbots can only be exported to a Web platform.


What is a chatbot?

"Chatbot" is a combination of "chat" and "bot" (short for robot) and is a program that automatically converses with users through text and speech.

What is DialogPlay?

DialogPlay is a business chatbot platform to create, publish, and operate business specific chatbots.

You create a chatbot for business scenarios, where the chatbot interactively response to user requests. When a requests needs human interaction, DialogPlay allows and operator to take control and provide answers.

Who can use DialogPlay?

DialogPlay is a service for organizations to user only with a web browser.

Are programming skills or special expertise needed to create a chatbot?

Anyone can easily create a chatbot for your business scenario, without any technical expertise or programming skills.

Can I make a Slack bot with DialogPlay?

Yes, you can publish chatbots created with DialogPlay as Slack bots. It also supports platforms other than Slack.

I want to ask more questions, who should I ask?

Use the chat form at the bottom of this Web page, and ask your questions to a chatbot created by DialogPlay

Example: "What is a scenario?"


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